TheGoodWitchCane "Twisted" isn’t just a medical device, it's FASHION! It's designed to be fully adjustable & sparkles everywhere you go! It has holographic silver on the bottom, and brilliant clear crystals rhinestones in a lace pattern throughout! 


Your cane is made to order, and it takes me one week to rhinestone your new glamour accessory by hand (NO rhinestone sheets here)! 


Model Available:

1. Silver Offset Soft Handle - supports to 250 lbs., height 30-39" 

2. Silver Offset Heavy Duty - supports to 500 lbs., height 30-39"


Designs by TheGoodWitchCanes to come:

“Get Lit” (Christmas)

“Opulence” (Rhinestone Pattern)

“Gilded” (Gold Rhinestone)

“BlackMagic” (Black cane with darker gems)

“Harle-cane” (After Harley Quinn, Pink/Silver/Blue)

“Dea-cane” (Christian)



"Spo-Cane" (Words)

"Coke-Cane" (Coca-Cola inspired)

Twisted (Full Length)

PriceFrom $120.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Your new fashion accessory can be cleaned using soap and water without submersion. Please do not use alcohol or acetone as the finish will deteriorate.