TheGoodWitchCane "Glinda" isn’t just a medical device, it’s FASHION! It’s personalized and hand-rhinestoned so the full-length design expresses your personality and sparkles everywhere you go!


Your cane is made to order, and it takes me one week to rhinestone your new glamour accessory by hand (NO rhinestone sheets here)! 


Cane Models:

1. Pink Folding - supports to 300 lbs., height 33-37”

2. Pink Soft Grip - supports to 250 lbs., height 31-40”

3. Pink Offset Soft Handle - supports up to 250 lbs., height 29-38"


Designs to come:

“Get Lit” (Christmas)

“Opulence” (Rhinestone Pattern)

“Gilded” (Gold Rhinestone)

“BlackMagic” (Black cane with darker gems)

“Harle-cane” (After Harley Quinn, Pink/Silver/Blue)

“Dea-cane” (Christian)



"Spo-Cane" (Words)

"Co-Cane" (Coca-Cola inspired)

"Plant-cain"(Flower/Rhinestone Patter)

"Frosted" (Snowflake Pattern)

Glinda (Full Length)

PriceFrom $120.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Your new fashion accessory can be cleaned using soap and water without submersion. Please do not use alcohol or acetone as the finish will deteriorate.